Travelers Can’t Seem to Leave Chicago

After all the cancellations last week from the radar center fires, travelers are still finding themselves unable to leave Chicago.

From USA Today’s Ben Mutzabaugh,:

More than 450 flights – or about 16% of the entire day’s schedule – had been grounded at O’Hare and nearly 1,000 more delayed as of 5:50 p.m. ET, according to flight-tracking service FlightAware. Across town at Midway airport, about 300 flights – or nearly half the day’s schedule – had been canceled as of the same time. Delays were less-rampant at Midway, affecting only about 45 of the flights that hadn’t been canceled.

Thursday’s problems came as a strong weather front approached Chicago, where thunderstorms and heavy rain were forecast.

From the whole story, check out the article here.

But Chicago flyers can’t seem to catch a break!

I was stuck there for a while during February’s snow storms, but I always assume I might be somewhat stuck when I’m traveling to Chicago in February.  But in October?!

Anyone affected?


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  1. I try and live by a few simple rules. Never drive across country at night in India, don’t eat raw pufferfish, never connect through Chicago.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Someone at Hyatt told me that he thinks 25% of people (at any given time) staying at the Hyatt at ORD never intended to actually leave the airport 😛

  2. Flying through ord tonight on united. The the delay was officially blamed on air traffic contol and weather but really we waited an hour+ for a FA to show up. Got home at 1am with a 10 hour flight time that should have only taken 4 hours. Also was on a diverted flight last week on Fri when the fire happened. Was diverted to Colunbus OH when flights started moving boarded a flight only to be removed from the flight due to “weight imbalance” plane left with open seats to ord. So much confusion going on in CMB that day. United loves to blame others but really it’s United’s opperations that cause the extra pain and delays. Not one of my United flights have even been close to being on time if they are not already cancelled.

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