Train Derails, Hitting Restaurant Named “DeRailed”

A train derailed going into Charles City, Iowa, hitting–yes this is true–a bar named DeRailed.


First we had a Mercedes parking on a Ferrari.

Then we had a tank driving over a Mercedes.

Now we have this.

According to KCCI8 (a CBS affiliate):

Police say a freight train car that derailed in northern Iowa rolled into and damaged a trackside tavern called DeRailed.

He says it appears that the track separated and the grain car tipped about 45 degrees into the back of the bar.

It’s a good thing the driver of this train owned up to things and didn’t try to cover his tracks.  I don’t think he did it on purpose.  If he did, it must be one heck of a loco-motive.  He might have lost track of what he was doing.

…sorry for all the puns.  I got stuck on that train of thought.

(okay okay okay, I’m going home now folks.  Tip your waitress).

Hat tip to the front page of Reddit.

While this is hysterical (aside from the damage done), I assume restaurants and bars located near rail road tracks have a much higher likelihood of being named something train related.  Still, I think DeRailed is probably one of the less common names!  (I always see “Tracks”).

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