TOMORROW: Frequent Flyer Meet-Up in DC Area

I’m so excited because the frequent flyer meet up is tomorrow!

This is our highest number of RSVPs yet, and while I can’t guarantee anything, it looks like this will be the biggest event yet as well.

If you cannot attend this one, no worries.  We’re going to have more in the future.  We’re also rotating the location each time to make it easier for people in certain areas to attend.

Thanks so much to my partner-in-crime, Ed from Pizza in Motion, for helping to make these happen!


There is going to be a DC/NoVA Frequent Traveler Meet-up on August 24th in Crystal City, VA at the Tortoise & Hare Bar and Grille.

Myself and Ed from Pizza in Motion are the hosts, and we welcome local travelers and not-so-locals-who-feel-like-popping-into-the-area-alike.

The hashtag for the event is #GeekyPizza

geeky pizza

It starts at 6pm at the Tortoise & Hare Bar and Grille – 567 23rd St S, Arlington, VA 22202 on Wednesday, August 24.

Anyone who registers for the event gets an extra one hour of happy hour (normally ending at 7pm).

The first ten people who register after this post goes up get a free drink on us.  (Make sure you select the free drink ticket type if it is still available).

Please register for the event here.


Stop by and meet fellow travelers, catch up with old friends, and shoot the breeze over some fantastic drinks.

This bar serves traditional American bar cuisine.

Happy hour goes until 7pm, but if you pre-register for this event, you will get happy hour until 8pm.

They consider themselves a true neighborhood bar.  It is located off the Crystal City stop on the Blue Line and is only a short walk from the stop.

Ed and I will be present, of course, and look forward to meeting all of you.

For any travel die-hards who want to attend from afar, the Hyatt Regency Crystal City (along with a few other hotels) are nearby.

We look forward to seeing you!

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