All Ticketmaster Events You Can Redeem Vouchers for Are Sold Out

Well, shit.

All current events you can use Ticketmaster vouches towards are sold out.  While you have a few years to use these tickets, the events are sold out across the rest of 2016.

I also received an email letting me know that Ticketmaster will not let me know when new events are posted.  And this is a huge question mark for me, because–who know when avaliablity for 2017 would be posted–and if it’s first-come first-serve, how quickly will it sell out?  (And will it sell out before you even know they are available).

This is one of the most confusing class-action lawsuits I’ve paid attention to.


Yesterday, I was really excited by the event list that went up for the ticket vouchers that Ticketmaster gave out in response to the class action law suit against them.

It included acts such as Gwen Stefani and Mumford and Son.

However, when my friend and I tried booking General Admission tickets to the local Gwen Stefani show, we kept getting two errors.

One error said that the voucher wasn’t applicable to this type of show.

The other error said “something went wrong with the voucher, please try again later”.

Since there were so many problems with load time on the website, we figured a traffic issue was screwing up the IT.

Or they were the wrong events.

I don’t know for sure, but it seems like the wrong events might have been posted, and Ticketmaster changed the list to one mostly comprised of cover bands.

Another explanation is that it sold out, but I have not seen many people on Twitter able to actually “purchase” these events either, aside from earlier in the day when released.  (Also, the vouchers that are sold out on the event list are still showing up–just with a message that they are sold out).

You can use your vouchers for tribute bands for Tool, Journey, Stevie Wonder, the 80s generally and more.

(I do know my friend Jeff will actually be ecstatic that the Yacht Rock Revival is on the list… but I’m not sure anyone else would be).

Here’s a sampling:


I’m not complaining about free tickets–partially because I was mooching off a friend who actually got vouchers (I did not), but the way they’ve rolled out/unveiled this has just caused more confusing and un-met expectations.

I think if they started off with “hey! we are going to give you some free tickets to tribute bands!”  people still would have been excited because it’s free.

There are still a few name bands on there, mostly as part of a festival.  Heart is also on the list now, as is Richard Cheese.

May the Ticketmaster odds be ever in your favor!

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  1. The vouchers may say they expire in 2020, but my understanding is that they will only allow $10 million worth of tickets to be redeemed, and then the millions of unused vouchers will be worthless. $5 million worth of vouchers had already been redeemed as of yesterday, so it seems like there will just be one more wave of events that will sell out within hours and then the vouchers are no good.

  2. lol, but of course they are

  3. I snagged (4) Prophets of Rage in St. Louis. It feels especially sweet seeing this band for free courtesy of the machine!

  4. Tried to apply 2 (the limit) of the $2.25 vouchers to a ticket purchase (an actual event I wanted to go to, not the crumbs they are tossing us that can’t be bought anyway). Purchase went through on my Amex. No tickets. After an hour on hold, the only answer I got was “yeah, you weren’t supposed to do that.” They were just going to charge me and never send me tickets if I didn’t call and complain. Exhibit number infinity of why Ticketmaster are complete scumbags.

  5. Read the settlement. Lots of hyperbole and rumor in this blog

  6. Everything is ALL SOLD OUT! It’s a waste of time searching!

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