Things to Know Today–AmEx Plat $500 Statement Credits and More

The American Express Platinum card usually offers huge club access benefits.  But starting in March, they will no longer offer US Airways and American Airlines club access.

I’m a bit miffed because I applied to the card to get access to both US Airways and American (since I will be able to fly American next year), and its hefty $450 fee put a dent in my wallet.

The Flight Deal reports, however, that he received an offer for a $500 statement credit as an apology.  Another person reported $200.  So I will hold my finger off the cancel button until I hear my offer.  (I don’t really churn cards much, but there is a pro-rated refund for cancellations).


Also, I was cited in an article today on why it is a bad idea to “gift miles” most of the time.  This article is good timing because US Airways currently has a 100% bonus on sharing, which makes the fee to share the miles you already own actually worth it.


Finally, US Airways says it will adopt American’s food service procedures.  This is a HUGE upgrade for US Airways.  But, more on my opinion of the actual execution later 😉


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  1. Just spoke to AMEX Platinum Customer Svc to express my dissatisfaction. They are denying knowledge and said cardholders will be contacted if any change becomes official. Interested if anyone else had called and given different info.

  2. leaves only delta & non-airline lounges huh

  3. that leaves only delta & non-airline lounges huh

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