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Man Stiffs Waitress Writing, “We Only Tip Citizens”

a receipt on a table

A man stiffed a waitress on her tip writing, “We only tip citizens.”  The waitress, 18-year old Sadie Karina Elledge, was born in the United States and is a natural-born citizen. These types of stories disappoint me.  This one especially disappointed me because this story took place in the state I …

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What Is the Value of Yelp?

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When I travel to different places, I tend to do research when I’m on the plane on my way to the destination.  People often ask me–do you use Yelp to plan your trips? Yes and no.http://heelsfirsttravel.boardingarea.com/2013/05/25/foursquare-checkin-has-another-use/ I used to use FourSquare all the time before the huge Swam debacle.  I’m easing …

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