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This Post is Full of Cute Puppy Pictures

a dog lying on grass

I think we can all use some puppy pictures right about now.  So, this post is full of cute puppy pictures.  Adorable, adorable puppies. Yes, there’s no other substance. Vine will be deeply missed. This was by far my favorite one. 14/10 https://t.co/roqIxCvEB3 — WeRateDogsâ„¢ (@dog_rates) October 27, 2016 This …

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My Dog Imitates Every Pose I Sleep In

a woman sleeping with a dog

A few days ago, I posted a photo of myself sleeping in a semi-convoluted yoga pose.  I wondered if this is why I sleep on so easily on airplanes. This was the photo: Someone pointed out in the comments that my puppy was sleeping in a similar pose to me.  That’s …

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My New Travel Companion

a woman holding a dog

After the previous somber posts, I have an announcement to make about my new travel companion. I just got myself a new puppy, Moxie.  In accordance with her name, this dog is fully of moxie and adventure, and loves traveling around already. This photo doesn’t quite get at how tiny …

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