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How to Avoid Pickpockets

a sign with a couple of people painted on it

Previously, I wrote about the time I was pickpocketed.  Since then, I’ve kept a running checklist in my mind of things to pay attention to while out.  I think this has helped me not get pickpocketed, especially in a situation where I was juggling a lot of things.   So …

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Do We Inherently Trust Those We’re Flying With More?

a woman holding a bag and a man standing next to her

Recently,  a passenger went on a crime spree on an airplane, stealing the flight attendant’s carry-on and a passenger’s passport and credit cards. This story got passed around a lot.  I saw it showing up on my Facebook feed pretty often, with friends warning everyone to keep a better eye …

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But Is That Country Safe for a Young Woman?!

One of the things I get asked often is, “Isn’t it unsafe to travel by yourself, as a young woman?” I’m taking a solo trip to Europe next month and I don’t speak the language of the countries I’m going to.  I’ve been asked so many times if I think …

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Avoiding Pickpockets in Paris

cartoon man with a mustache and top hat

My idea of pickpockets in Paris were shady looking guys sneaking around through crowds.  Sort of like this guy: This image was shattered after a trip to Notre Dame.  I was on a tour of the cathedral in an English language group.  As the guide pointed something out behind me, …

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