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The Easier Way to Search for Mileage Runs

Google Flights is an easy way to plan non-complicated mileage runs. A few years ago, Google acquired ITA Software–my go to search for travel.  I put the general places I’d like to go to in it, and I search by calendar.  This is great for finding fares to locations when …

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Planning a Mileage Run

How do you make the most out things like going for US Airways Trial Preferred Status, or the Triple EQMs people like Keri got? We don’t have a magic ball that shows us where the fares are.  Unless you count The Flight Deal, in which case–we do! I’m using US …

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What is a Mileage Run?

” What is a mileage run? ” Keri just posted about a Mileage Run, and one question we get a lot when we write these posts is, what is a Mileage Run? There are two different camps in the frequent flier miles tricks and tips community: Those trying to get …

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