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Facebook to Deliver Internet Through Solar-Powered Drones

an wing of an airplane over a desert

Facebook has a new plan for increasing its customer base.  They are going to deliver internet directly to them via solar powered drones.  The drones, named Aquila, could bring connectivity to areas of the world whose infrastructure has made it near impossible to get wired internet.  They have the wingspan …

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Are You a Geeky Travel Geek?

a man holding a cat

Those who are know what I mean.  Do you love Star Wars?  Or are you really into board games?  Are you waiting on edge for the next Game of Thrones or for the newest XBone game? Do you avoid… ? I just created a Facebook Group dedicated to geeky travel …

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“Do You Want to Target Men Interested in Panties?”

a police officer wearing a blue shirt and blue gloves

So, apparently I’m giving Facebook the wrong idea.  It’s taking my posts about TSA and is… well… assuming something completely different about the blog. I’ve been writing about the ridiculousness of TSA security–both on the passenger AND TSA side. So, yesterday, I wrote about how a woman tried to sneak …

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How to Follow Our Travels

We’ve had a bunch of new readers lately, so I wanted to let everyone know the options to follow us. One of the easiest way to keep track of us is to subscribe to our newsletter–but we are also on Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. Follow @HeelsFirst Enter your Email: Or …

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