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How Emergency Situations Can Lead to People Getting Stranded

cars parked cars covered in snow

My husband is running a conference this weekend and people were traveling from all over the country to go to it.  Some from the Northeast. And the Amtrak crash led to the Northeast Corridor trains getting cancelled. Ticket prices quickly jumped up to four-figures.  Delta added more flights in between …

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Hotel Fire—Well… THAT Happened

The official hotel for a conference I’m attending for work caught fire early this morning.  Well, caught makes it sound passive.  From all accounts I’ve been hearing, arson is suspected. This particular conference is cursed.  Last year, it was hit by a hurricane and cancelled last minute. With this conference, …

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Surviving a Power Outage at Your Hotel

While wandering around my room at the Grand Hyatt Tampa this weekend, I was really pleased to see this in the closet:   I’ve experienced not one—but two massive weather related power outages while at hotels.  (And both at Hilton Garden Inns!) While power outages are a huge cost and …

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