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iPads Ground American Airlines Planes

a collage of airplanes

Back before electronics were allowed during take off and landing, there were a lot of jokes about the damage an iPad or Kindle could do for your flight. (Language warning) But iPads delayed or sent planes back to the gate after the software pilots use crashed. According to re/code: Pilots …

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Kindle DX on Sale Through Tomorrow

Just a quick note that the Kindle DX is discounted down to $169 from $239 through tomorrow. I apologize for the brevity. I’m on an iPad on a plane and my laptop kicked the bucket! (If anyone sees any good deals on laptops…) Also, I cannot figure out urls in …

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In Honor of FAA Changes, 15% off Amazon Kindles

Just a note that for Today Only, Amazon is giving 15% off all Kindle Products with promo code ThnksFAA in honor of the recent changes the FAA made to the electronics rules.   I’m an iPad tablet user, but I also use the regular Kindle frequently.  I don’t want to leave …

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