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Man Charged After Flying Drone in Flight Path of Aircraft

I’ve noted before that drones are causing interesting aviation issues.  For example, a low-flying drone in Vegas violated FAA regulations. And the FAA’s new $5,000,000,000 system did not account for drones as an aircraft type. But this is a case in which drones can actually be dangerous. According to the …

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FAA Forgets About Entire Aircraft Type in New $5 Billion System

Despite apparently being reminded multiple times that something called “drones” exists, the FAA forgot to include them–at all–in their new $5 billion system. From Gizmodo: We didn’t understand the magnitude to which (drones) would be an oncoming tidal wave, something that must be dealt with, and quickly,” said Ed Bolton, …

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Robot Butlers Coming Soon to Aloft

Just when I thought travel couldn’t get any better, the Aloft is bringing in Artificial (not quite) Intelligence. From Fox News: Meet A.L.O., Aloft Hotels’ first Botlr, short for robotic butler. A.L.O. will be rolling down the hallways of Aloft’s Cupertino, California location later this month helping guests with everything from finding …

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