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TSA Blames United for Comic Book Ban During Comic-Con

Attendees to Comic-Con found they were not allowed to check their comic books in their baggage after Comic-Con this year.  United blamed TSA, though I noted it was strange that only United passengers were tweeting about this problem. TSA has finally commented on the issue to say, “it wasn’t us.” …

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TSA Bans Comic Books in Checked Luggage for Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con has become so much more than just a comic book convention. But comic books remain the heart and soul of Comic-Con. In addition to attendees being there to buy comic books, vendors flock to Comic-Con to sell their comic books as well. That’s why participants in Comic-Con …

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Buy a $7 DVD and Get $8 Gift Card to Suicide Squad

If you were already planning on seeing Suicide Squad, this is a great deal.  Basically, you can get a dollar off the movie price, plus get a DVD for free. If you purchase a DVD off this list of comic book / super hero themed movies, you will receive a …

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