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Lufthansa Cancels 876 Flights Today

a large airplane taking off

Just a warning, if you are traveling with Lufthansa, they have already canceled 876 flights for Wednesday, due to pilot strikes.  While this seems like a large number, it is not the majority of their flights (though a large percentage of them). From CNN Money: The airline said that roughly 100,000 …

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Sometimes You Just Can’t Help from Afar

a beach with palm trees and a sunset

One of the things I value the most out of my frequent travel is being able to help my friends and family.  Whether it is getting to stay in a fancy hotel suite that has a fancy horse* shoe brush or upgrading someone on the sly, I love getting to share …

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Travel Tips to Make Your Trip Easier

Here’s a round-up of travel tips over the last couple of years.  Feel free to bookmark/favorite to use as a reference later! Planning Keeping Track of All Your Loyalty Programs Why You Should Always Join the Hotel Loyalty Program for Where You Are Staying How to get the best deals …

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Knowing All Your Flight Options in a Misconnect

Keri, Bill, and I were all on a flight together that was pushing back in just enough time for us to make our connection.  That is–until a ground stop was put on flights out to Philadelphia and we were sitting on the tarmac. Since we were allowed to take our …

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The Sequester Has Got Me Sore!

I never thought I would be sore from a government issue.  Not sore as in I’m upset at them (well, I am too), but physically sore! I had some meetings in DC followed by an evening event in Chicago.  I booked a flight with a tight time constraint, knowing this …

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