Soldier Contacts Man Who Stood Up for Him

A few days ago, I wrote about how EasyJet tried to deny boarding to a man for tweeting he did not like the way the airline treated a soldier trying to get to port.

The soldier he was sticking up for heard about the story and reached out to him.


First, I’m glad the soldier made it to Portsmouth.  But most of all, I think it is cool the the two were able to connect.  While EasyJet definitely comes off awful in this situation, I like the heartwarming conclusion to this story.

Mr. Leiser, the man almost denied boarding, also found a wallet while on board from a previous flight and was able to locate the owner.  He’s definitely earned a lot of karma in one day.


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  1. Check out these british soldiers having a good old time singing sectarian songs over the weekend and celebrating the death of a man who starved himself to death. Oh yes, so glad someone is sticking up for these lovely people. British army are a bunch of oppressive, murderous thugs. Go Home British Soldiers – Out of Ireland.

    • Perhaps when the southern Irish terrorists get out of Ulster, where they are not welcome, and out of the UK then the Army need not help in the policing of Ulster.

      • Ulster is part of IRELAND. IRISH do not need to get out of IRELAND. The british army needs to go home where they belong. IRELAND FOR THE IRISH. If you think the IRISH need to get out of their own country, you need to take a long hard look at yourself and realize you are part of the problem.

        “I believe and stand by the God-given right of the Irish nation to sovereign independence, and the right of any Irishman or woman to assert this right in armed revolution. That is why I am incarcerated, naked and tortured.” Bobby Sands MP

        Tiocfaidh ár lá

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