Singapore Considering Restricting Alcohol Sales and Public Consumption

vodka tonic cocktailA heads up for those traveling to Singapore (or looking to travel to Singapore), in reaction to a horrible riot that was believed to be alcohol-fueled, Singapore is considering restricting alcohol sales and consumption.

They had already been looking at this since 2012, but the riots pushed this forward a bit.

From Business Standard:

Restricting public consumption of alcohol and reduction in the hours for retail sales of liquor are among measures being considered after a series of public consultations that started last October and ended this August, Second Minister for Home Affairs S Iswaran told Parliament.

The ministry has, since 2012, embarked on a review of liquor control measures, hoping to curb law and order problems posed by people congregating and downing significant quantities of alcohol in public places, particularly at night.

Just a heads up.


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  1. Another reason to go to Tokyo instead of Singapore

  2. I think its about time they do this –when I visited in 2011, a ‘rich kid’ thought Orchard street was a runway and decided to make his Ferrari take off and ended up killing a poor Japanese tourist and a cab driver, who left 3 kids and a wife behind.

  3. Isn’t Singapore unhappy enough already?

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