Quick Thinking Flight Attendant Saves Girl from Human Trafficking

An Alaska Airlines flight attendant was able to save a teenager from human trafficking after some quick thinking.

Shelia Fedrick gave the girl an easy way to signal for help–by leaving her a way to leave a note in the bathroom.

From Kiro7:

Frederick was able to tell the girl under her breath to go to the bathroom. The veteran flight attendant put a note on the mirror for her.

“She wrote on the note she needed help,” Frederick said.

Bathrooms have played a role in helping curb sexual assault and other abuses against women.  It’s a location with privacy.  And chances are, the person isn’t being followed into the bathroom by their assailant/future assailant.

Some bars have been advertising in the bathroom that they can “Ask for Angela” or order an “angel shot” if they need help.  This is a way of being able to ask for help on the sly.

While the press has made people more aware of this, I don’t think it makes this method less useful.  Bars are loud and it would be easy to miss who they are asking for, or what they are ordering if you don’t realize they are asking for help.

The flight attendant took a page out of this book.  By allowing the girl to leave a note in the bathroom, the flight attendant enabled the girl to ask for help without alerting the man traveling with her.

Here’s a video of the flight attendant explaining how she helped in an interview:

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  1. Great post. Nice to see good things happen.

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