Plane Emergency Lands in Wawa’s Parking Lot

I’ve always been a fan of Wawa over Sheetz, and I bet this pilot is a fan now after he safely landed his plane right in the parking lot of one:

From NBC Washington
From NBC Washington

According to NBC Washington, the pilot forgot to refuel, realized his mistake, but couldn’t land on the runway in time.

There are half-a-dozen Wawas in that area, all with three or more stars on their Yelp reviews.  It is currently Hoagiefest at Wawa.

This story is developing, so keep checking the links if you are interested in more detail.


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  1. The most surprising thing to me about this crash is that the gear is up. As a fellow pilot, I’d think that if the pilot was high enough, (s)he’d have plenty of time to get the gear down, and if the plane was so low that there wasn’t enough time, the gear should have already been down.

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      Oh, that’s really interesting. I didn’t notice that, and from everything I read, it sounded like the plane took off and immediately landed.

      • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

        Oh! Nevermind, those immediate reports were wrong. Now they are saying he was coming from Tampa, running on fumes!

  2. Mmm hoagies..Tastykakes…. perfect place to land. Bet they were just hungry. ..;-)

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