Passengers Stranded After Flight Engineers Downloaded Wrong Maps

Once a day, British Airways flies an A318 across the pond to JFK.

The flight goes from London City to Shannon before hopping across the Atlantic.

Apparently, British Airways engineers assumed that the A318 would only make European stops, given it is such a small plane.  The crew did not realize they did not have the correct plans until they landed in Shannon, where according to the Sun, they were unable to download the proper plans.

flight map

From the Sun:

While stuck on the ground in Shannon, one passenger said: “Trying to find a way to explain this rather funny situation!!…

“We can’t fly back to city as we have too much fuel, we can’t fly to JFK as we have no map… So we are all stranded in Limerick Ireland!!!â€

(Technically, Shannon is in Clare but is right next to Limerick).

British Airways put them up overnight.

But out of all the areas to get stranded in, this is the perfect place.  After all, rumor has it, Irish coffee was invented in that area to give stranded passengers something to warm up with.

Hopefully, these passengers were able to experience some of that Irish hospitality.

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  1. Well first I’d hope they have some sort of preflight checklist that views the entire flight plan, after all this is not like driving to Tucson and asking the spouse in the passenger seat to get off Facebook and figure out which exit you need to take to the hotel.

    But second, what makes one city safer than another with too much fuel? Is it because they flew farther? Or less crowded?

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