One Way US Airways First Class Meals Still Haven’t Aligned with American

Before a trip, Emily (primarily an American flyer) asked me to request her a vegan meal.

The only problem is, you still can’t do that on US Airways domestic first class flights even though you can on some American flights.

Special meal rules

According to the website:

How to order a special meal

We serve special meals on all flights to and from Europe, the Middle East and South America. You must call to order your special meal at least 24 hours before your flight. To order a special meal, please call:

800-428-4322 (if you’re calling from within the U.S. and Canada)

If you’re calling from outside the U.S., call your local number:


To order a special meal for a baby, please provide the name of the person traveling with the infant when you call
If you booked with an agency, please call the agency
Be sure to tell the gate agent and the flight attendant that you ordered a special meal

Meanwhile, on American Airlines, the major trans-con routes allow special meals:

First and Business Class on nonstop round-trip flights between:

Meanwhile, neither airline is quite as ahead of the times on special meals as Delta is:

Gluten-free? Kosher? Diabetic? No problem. We accommodate 17 different special meals. These special meals are available in First Class, Delta One and all economy class flights where complimentary meal service is offered. View the complete list of special meals to determine which meal meets your need.

I took another flight with a girl who needed a vegan meal.  There were three of us, so we all re-constructed our US Airways meals to give her our vegan pieces, and then divvied up her non-vegan food.

I have had luck with US Airways bringing some food from the back in the past for someone who truly couldn’t eat anything they were serving.

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  1. Debatable as to whether there’s an inconsistency between AA and US here. AA considers these domestic routes “premium transcontinental” and on two of them the hard product is also very distinct from any other domestic route. They are distinguished in other ways – e.g. lounge access for first/business class passengers, not normally granted to domestic passengers. US does not operate these routes, nor does it have special or premium transcontinental routes that have a distinct hard or soft product.

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