Monkey Gets Loose in the Cabin of a Frontier Flight

This is bananas.  A monkey got loose on a Las Vegas-bound flight yesterday.

No, it wasn’t Miles the Monkey.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

It’s unclear what type of monkey it was, but Nunnery said the monkey was an emotional support animal, adding that “the passenger had all the proper paperwork to have the monkey on the plane with him.â€

Las Vegas police responded to the incident, but Metropolitan Police Department Lt. David Gordon couldn’t confirm details about what happened.

So the monkey was allowed to be on the plane.  It just went a little rogue.

ooo trouble

Since the monkey is an emotional support animal, it doesn’t have to be stowed away in a carrier, and can be kept on your lap.

From the Emotional Support Animal Center:

If your ESA can safely sit in your lap the cabin attendant will generally allow you to place them there. In the event that they determine that it would not be safe to have the ESA sit in your lap, they will ask you to have the ESA sit on the floor below your seat.

My guess is that this was the first time the monkey was in-flight, and the sensation spooked him.  Emotional support animals do not require specific training, so the monkey may not have been prepared for this situation.

In Miles the Monkeys case, he has flown transatlantic business class and was a proper gentlemonkey the entire time.

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  1. Thanks, Jeanne. I am now aerosimiaphobic. (Can’t find a real term for “fear of monkeys on airplanes,” so I made this one up.)

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