Man Solo Passenger on MD-90 Delta Flight from New Orleans to Atlanta

Imagine getting to the gate and seeing no other passengers.  I’d wonder if I got the flight time wrong, or if my flight were cancelled.

A man showed up at the gate and found no passengers.  Turns out he was the entire flight.

From Fox31 Denver:

According to WSB, other passengers were scheduled to be on Flight 2426 but because of the flight being delayed a couple of times, they decided to take an earlier flight or postpone until the next day.

Schneider opted to keep his original reservation and had the entire flight to himself.

Either way, the plane needed to get back to Atlanta, so it wasn’t “wasting” a trip.

And based on the photos on twitter, it looks like his upgrade cleared.


I’ve had flights with about a dozen people on them before, but that’s as low as it has gotten.

How about you?  What’s the fewest number of people you’ve flown with?

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  1. Me and 1 other passenger on a US Airways Express Dash-8 from BWI-PHL. Pilot made it into a sightseeing flight for us with open bar:-)

  2. @Jeanne23 Before regional jet days, once flew in DL 737 w/ 6 ppl BMA-BHM.

  3. Was on a DL flight CVG-BWI on a MD-88 probably 8 years ago and there were 8 people – 2 in first (upgrade cleared!) and 6 in coach.

  4. My wife and I shared a NW flight from Cancun to MSP 10 years ago with only four other people. Neither of us were elite and strangely they just had us sit in our assigned seats instead of moving us up.

  5. About 30 years ago was on a Braniff flight MIA-DFW with three other people. Wouldn’t be worth mentioning…except it was on a 747.

  6. WN from JAX-FLL. There was 3 of us… Me & Companion plus one other pax.

  7. Had a flight once on US Airways Express from BWI-PHL on a Dash-8 where I was one of two people on board. Pilot gave us a sight-seeing tour on our flight complete w open bar:-)

  8. Back in the early 2000’s, I flew on a Delta MD-80 flight from Harrisburg, PA to ATL with 3 people.

    And in January this year, I flew on a United flight LHR-IAD with less than 20 people – I’ve never been so well hydrated on an international flight! The flight attendants said no one was drinking and they needed to land with less wine so she sent a bottle home with us.

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