Man Attempts to Open Exit Door After Caught With Pants Down (literally)

A man is in custody after he was caught engaging in, er, a solo activity and then attempted to escape out the exit door.

Let me just say, I’m glad my flight today was not this exciting.

From WCVB:

The flight crew of Virgin America flight 363 requested a diversion during its Logan to Los Angeles International flight after a male passenger was found masturbating and then attempted to open the door of the plane, according to Omaha Police.

Law enforcement officers removed the man from the flight in handcuffs. A witness said the man lunged at one of the exit doors and tried to open it. The man appeared agitated and complained of not feeling well earlier, witnesses said.

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The flight made an emergency landing in Omaha.  After spending a lot of time in that airport, I think there are worse places to be (and the steak in town is amazing).  Though I’m not so sure the passengers would stomach that after this episode.

This is one of those news stories where I had to double-take to make sure I was reading the facts correctly.  Unfortunately, I was.


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  1. I think I’ll stop complaining about my extremely delayed Spirit flight now. 🙂

  2. This sounds very much like someone suffering from mental illness. While I’m sure it was upsetting for the passengers and crew, the combination of these kinds of erratic behaviors (especially in a small, confined, uncontrollable space like an airplane) are probably symptoms of a deeper ongoing issue.

  3. Stupid idiot making men look bad.

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