Lufthansa’s Inflight Advertisements

Lufthansa has a much better product than US Airways meal offerings–by far!  This is not a surprise.

For some reason though, I’ve suddenly become aware of just how much advertising exists in Lufthansa Business Class.

In my hop from Paris to Frankfurt, my end of the meal chocolate…

Inflight advertising

…was sponsored by T-Mobile!

Thanks T-Mobile for the chocolate, though I think I will stick to Verizon.  (And for those wondering, yes, I ate the chocolate.  I did not wear this one.)

The napkins were sponsored by a beer company, and other advertisements were peppered around.  Does this help Lufthansa have better service?  If so, US Airways–I really wouldn’t mind if you decided to partake in in-flight advertising.  Especially if T-Mobile wants to sponsor some foie gras.

What do you think of in-flight advertisement?


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  1. OMG. So now they are defraying the cost of the food by selling adverts on the food/implements themselves?? How incredibly tacky. It’s not as if there aren’t fees for everything. Now they have to destroy the ambiance of First and Business Class by doing THIS??? GAWD. Color me disgusted.

  2. There used to be a different kind of advertising in Lufthansa First: I preferred that kind 😉

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