IHG (Priority Club) Ends Shopping Mall Earnings

To those who are fans of earning extra cash and points through EVReward and award program shopping malls, IHG has announced a change:


No more Priority Club Shopping Mall as of August 20th!

I have used their mall for the occasional purchase, which has kept my points alive— where they are the top earner, so I’m a bit disappointed by this change.

Have you used this, or am I the only one?


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  1. “I have used their mall for the occasional purchase, which has kept my points alive”

    Priority Club points don’t expire. 🙂

  2. We haven’t used their shopping portal, but it’s still a little disappointing all the same. I hope this isn’t the start of a trend. :-/

  3. I used it all the time for office supplies etc. Was nice to get the points and they often helped to keep me at platinum. Too many changes this year, Im not happy about it at all..

  4. I am saddened to see the shopping portal go. I used it often, because I do a lot of online shopping. I earned Plantium level earning points from using the shopping portal. I don’t think most reward members were familiar with the portal. I hope they will reconsider and bring it back.

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