How Using Social Media Can Get You Miles and Deals

I’ve written in the past about how you can use Twitter to get instant access to new deals from the Flight Deal, a website that curates amazing deals.  (See also, the Fare Deal).

It has actually gotten increasingly easier.  Rather than use text notifications, you can have the tweets pop up on your phone.  They are much easier to dismiss this way.  (And when I see a tweet starting with UA as the deal, I automatically dismiss the tweet without thinking too much about it).

I had written up a five-step process, but now it’s really only the last step:

Go over to the Flight Deal’s twitter page and follow them.


Then turn on mobile notifications and you are done.  The downside to this method is that you need the mobile app downloaded for this to work.  If you don’t want to download the mobile app, use this method instead.

It’s even easier on the mobile app.

Just click on the star.  If it is yellow, it works!

subscribe to the flight deal

Another upside to this is you don’t have to worry about turning off the texting option when traveling abroad.

The data cost of using Twitter is negligible, though I need to stop clicking through to the website on every single deal when I’m abroad!

Other ways to get deals/miles on social media platforms

I previously wrote about how using Twitter can help you earn free miles and points with airlines and hotels.  Some of them are still doing deals and promotions on Twitter, such as Club Carlson.

You can follow your favorite airlines and hotels during their promotions the same way you can follow The Flight Deal above.

But I see these Twitter promotions eventually going the way of Facebook–once everyone follows them on a social network, there’s less need to build buzz and excitement around events.

That’s why it is important to join emerging social networks and follow brands trying to find their footing.

I haven’t really seen any traction as far as contests go on Pinterest, but I’m very fascinated by SnapChat.

SnapChat is an app that lets you see quick videos and images sent to you by friends.  Once you view them, they are gone forever.  This has mostly resulted in my friends texting me pictures of empty pizza boxes with frownie faces drawn over them.

But SnapChat has recently added a “Discover” feature that allows people to view curated videos/pictures.  And SnapChat’s non-obtrusive way of removing videos once you finished watching them may be a good way to build up branding without annoying people.  (Maybe a contest to see if you could remember the tail number that shows up in an American 10 second video?)

As for other networks, if United shows up on Tindr, I’m swiping left!

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