Heathrow Flight to San Francisco Grounded After Mouse Decides to Tag Along

The idea of a mouse traveling is adorable when you think of Stuart Little or Fievel.  (In fact, you can purchase a Stuart Little plush with its own set of travel bags).

But a mouse traveling in real life can put a damper on your plans.  A British Airways flight was delayed for four hours after crew realized there was a mouse on board.

Who me?
Who me?

From the BBC:

The crew told passengers planes cannot take off with mice on board, and that another flight would be scheduled.

It eventually left about four hours later.

One passenger, Carly, said there was “general disbelief” among fellow travellers when the news was broken.

“I’m not sure people knew how to react,” she said.

Of course, the different passengers on the flight were somewhere between “not-amused” and “highly-amused”.

For example:

While this isn’t a common occurrence, it isn’t completely unusual.  A Norwegian Air Shuttle was grounded for five hours while they tracked down a mouse on board.

Worrying about mice on board is not a simple case of not wanting vermin on the plane.  (Though, I’m sure the passengers definitely don’t want that).

Since mice are tiny and love to chew things, they could potentially squeeze into important areas and chew through wires–causing a huge problem in flight.


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