Harrison Ford Lets 16-Year Old Fan Fly in His Private Plane

Harrison Ford took a 16-year old fan of his (and fan of aviation) along with him on a flight in his DeHavilland Beaver.

They were paired up through the Young Eagles program, which pairs up pilots with children who are aspiring pilots.

harrison ford

Jodie Gawthrop not only got to meet a celebrity, but also got to learn the ins and outs of travel from him.

From the Telegraph:

He said Gawthrop asked if celebrities use checklists. He said he told her celebrities “absolutely” need checklists.

This is a great lesson for Gawthrop.  No matter how important or famous you are, you still need to go through every single safety step when taking a flight.

Harrison Ford was injured last year after his plane stalled on takeoff.

In addition to volunteering with the Young Eagles program, Ford volunteers as an emergency helicopter pilot and once rescued a stranded hiker.  And of course, he was the famous pilot of the Millenium Falcon.

Harrison Ford has been involved with the Young Eagles for over a decade.

He gave an interview to Airport Journals about the experience (in 2005) saying:

Ford hesitates from talking about a most “memorable†Young Eagles experience.

“Each experience is different,†he said. “I’ve flown with some wonderful kids. I can’t say that there’s one moment that stands out. On almost every flight, there are a couple of wonderful, magical moments.â€

Although he doesn’t do it for the praise, Ford gets plenty of thank-you letters.

“The kids really appreciate it,†he said. “The parents also appreciate it, because they see the enthusiasm and excitement that their kids are feeling.â€

The entire article is interesting and goes into Ford’s own introduction into flight.



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