Get Help Getting Compensation for Delays or Cancellations

How many times have you given up pursuing money you are owed just because it seems way too difficult?

If I had to go through all the headaches Babs went through to get me a refund on my Priority Pass Select, I would have given up close the the beginning.

Now there’s a new service that will take on the headaches of airline compensation for you.

AirHelp uses their team of aviation law experts to pursue valid claims of compensation.

airhelp review

The service is a no-risk service, but if they do get you any money, they take 25% as their fee.

Which isn’t a bad deal if you were going to give up anyway.

You type in your flight information and some details, and they pursue it from there:

airhelp review

airhelp review

airhelp review

Most domestic (US) claims won’t get you anywhere, but there’s a lot you can pursue with European flights.

I tried typing in a domestic flight issue that I knew was not entitled to compensation under US law, but would be under European law to see what happened.

I figured I’d have to wait for them to review my case and tell me that my details weren’t valid.

But I got an immediately message about it:

Airhelp Review

The one strange part is that it will not pursue all US domestic cases–just cases where you are involuntarily denied boarding.

I chose a case where I succeeded in getting compensation in the past (mechanical over four hours), and this is the message I got:

For domestic U.S. flights, we can help you claim for compensation only when the airlines have overbooked your flight.

If your flight was between non-EU airports or your flight departed from a non-EU airport and was carried out by a non-EU airline, the EU air passenger rights does not apply. If the delay or cancellation was caused by extraordinary circumstances such as weather conditions, strike or security risks, that could not have been avoided, the airline is not obligated to pay compensation.

If you believe your itinerary is eligible for compensation, please forward us your itinerary at

I wish I had a test case that I could try this out with.  Maybe I should just book a bunch of European flights and see what happens.  (And chances are, I  just jinxed myself for my Europe trip in a few weeks).

Anyone else ever try it or have reason to try it?


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  1. what is the law/rule about domestic flight delays due to non-weather, non-air-traffic control reasons? Say they had a mechanical problem, which rule should we refer to and what are the conditions?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      It is covered in the contract of carriage by the airline. US Airways gave me $200 when my plane was hit by a truck.

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