Flight Attendant Goes Above and Beyond for Little Girl With Severe Anxiety

With the week that just happened, it’s nice to hear a heartwarming story.

southwest airlines

A crew member on Southwest Airlines went above and beyond when he noticed a little girl was extremely anxious in the air.  She also has type 1 diabetes, and was beginning to have blood sugar issues due to her panic.  The flight attendant made sure she had everything she needed to control her blood sugar, and then held her hand on the flight.

According to the Consumerist:

She says that the flight attendant noticed upon takeoff that Gabby was struggling, and tried to make her laugh throughout the flight, bringing her special drinks to take her mind off things. But when the plane hit some turbulence towards the end of the trip, Gabby started having a “complete panic attack,†her mom wrote.

That’s when Garrick asked if Gabby would like for him to sit next to her in the empty seat.

“I was flying without my husband with two other smaller children and couldn’t leave my row, in the photo she is holding my hand from across the aisle,†her mom noted. “She happily accepted his offer.â€

Check out the rest of the story here.

Afterwards, the grateful mother posted the story on Facebook.


Crew members are human.  They have good days and they have bad days.  And for all the bad days that get widely reported, there are probably more stories like these that don’t go viral.

When I’ve had to travel for horrible reasons (a death, for example), I’ve always found the crew and staff to be really compassionate–without knowing what was going on.

One time, I left my laptop behind.  I came back, panicked, to get it.  The crew member could tell something else was wrong and said something like, “I’m really sorry for whatever’s happening.  Take a big breath.  Things will work out.”

Of course, our fellow travelers tend to be very compassionate too.  I am so grateful to frequently traveler, Ho.  When my figure skating coach died, I tried to get on a flight immediately.  He was taking a flight at the same time (to a different location) and helped me out.  He also made sure I had a glass of wine waiting for me in the club when I didn’t get out on the earlier flight.  Thank you to him and everyone else who has been kind when traveling.

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  1. In times when you read so much negativity in the news, it’s refreshing to see someone with compassion for a fellow being they share the planet with.

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