First Responders Free Little Fox with Face Stuck in Storm Drain Grate

Continuing with the theme of awwww-dorable cuteness, a fox in distress was saved by first responders in Grafton, MA.


I don’t normally write on something like this, but it was a heartwarming moment that broke up some of the tension in the air for me here in Boston.

(It could also be that since I’m traveling, I miss my fox-like puppy, but I digress).

The police department first stopped by and was joined by the fire department and public works.

Using some dish soap, they were able to free the fox.

The poor thing was luckily fine and ran off into the woods.

And here’s a shot of my own “fox”.


(Hat tip to the ABC local affiliate station.  I saw it on the news, but here’s their write-up of the incident).

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