How to Find a Cheap Drink Almost Anywhere

When I first moved to the DC are, my friends knew they could come to me to know about any happy hour in the area.  Virginia has weird rules about advertising happy hours, so it made this knowledge even more valuable.

Now they don’t need me.  And when I go to a new city, I don’t need to know a local to find the cheap drinks.

We all use Happy Hour by GoTime.

Happy Hours Anywhere

Available on both Droid and Apple

Happy Hour by GoTime will use your GPS location to tell you what the specials are at all the bars and restaurants around you–both food and drink.  It will also tell you how far you need to walk to get anywhere.

cocktails drinks

And it isn’t just the cheap stuff.  I’ve found cheaper drinks at fancy places.  For example, I got $4 cocktails at the bar at the Four Seasons in Las Vegas.  Not bad!

It has specials at all times of the day (as long as there are specials around).  You can either have it look for specials going on right now or at specific times.

Here’s an example of a listing:


happy hour go time

People can rate the restaurant itself in the app and also flag inaccurate information.

Of course, this also turns “where should we go” discussions into, “Well, there’s Mexican with $4 margaritas and half-priced nachos.  Or American tavern with $3 beers and half-priced burgers…”

This is one of my go to apps.  It helps the decision process when I’m in a group (vs. wandering around and never having consensus to stop).  It also helps me explore new places when traveling, especially when I’m on a work trip and want to drop in somewhere quick.

This app has also been invaluable in the 24-hour atmosphere of Las Vegas.  There’s always a special going on somewhere.  This app makes them so much easier to find.

How do you find local happy hours when you are traveling??

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