Can I Get in This Lounge? (Star Alliance)

Your airline status, ticket class, club memberships, and route can affect what lounges you are able to access while traveling.

So how do you know what lounges you have access to while waiting out a  long layover?

Star Alliance Lounges

If you have a club membership, airline status, or a business/first class ticket, you can use the Star Alliance Lounge Finder to see what lounges you have access to.

If you have a United Club Credit Card, that counts as a club membership.

star alliance lounge finder

For your flight information, the place where you want to find a lounge should be in the “From” section.  So if I have a Newark(ERW) to Frankfurt(FRA) to Paris(CDG) flight and want to find a lounge in the Frankfurt Airport for a five hour layover, I should put FRA in the From and CDG in the To.

You can use the search to see what your cabin class, frequent flyer program, or membership card will get you–but don’t try all three at once!  I’ve found that confuses the lounger finder.  Just do one column at at time.

When you do Cabin Class, make sure you also select your airline too.

When I search my Business Class ticket on Lufthansa for a lounge access…

business lufthansa

I get all the business class lounges:

business lufthansa 2

When I search my US Airways Club Membership…

US Airways Club

I find out I have the same access as my business class ticket:

us airways club2

But, I could have this access if I was also flying on United or another Star Alliance carrier through the airport.

The best access comes from my Star Alliance Gold Status:

US Airways Status

I searched my Chairman status, but this would be the same if I were US Airways Gold, Platinum, or Chairman (sorry Silvers!)

us airways status 2

I can go to all the Lufthansa Business Class Lounges, Senators Lounges, plus an extra lounge — the LuxxLounge.

I could also do this if I were flying another Star Alliance carrier.

Out of all my choices, I’d go to the Senators Lounge.  (Though I may want to go to the LuxxLounge just to see what it is like for a little!)


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  1. Even better and not limited to StarAlliance is a new app called Loungebuddy. You can download it for free at

  2. Nice post – helpful in sorting this out.

  3. From that site, I’m still confused. EWR to FRA united first, 3hr then FRA to CDG on LH business. Site doesn’t specify layovers just departure lounges. Do I still get into the nice lounges or just the business lounges?

    • Jeanne Marie Hoffman

      The Business Class Lounges for Lufthansa are still really nice with nice amenities. They are more crowded and Senators have better food.

      With that said, I believe you can still use your United First ticket to get into the Frankfurt Lufthansa Senators lounge even though your next leg is on Lufthansa if you present that ticket instead of your Luft one.

  4. When I flew in on UA first and out on Lufthansa business they wouldn’t let me in to the first class lounge

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