All United Airlines Flights Grounded in US Over Potential Flight Plan Issues

United grounded all its flights for about an hour this morning.

According to Wired, United hasn’t given specific reasons, but people have been tweeting information as they hear it.

Though United hasn’t indicated the cause for the grounding, tweets from onboard passengers and a news report have indicated various possible reasons.

“United began delaying flights at approximately 8 a.m. CT to ensure aircraft departed with proper dispatching information,†United spokesman Charles Hobart wrote an in email to WIRED. “We resumed departures at about 8:40 CT and are accommodating our customers to their destinations.â€

But here are some of the tweets from customers on actual flights:



Recently, American Airlines flights were grounded over iPad issues–but that definitely was not to this level and was aircraft specific (737s).

There is speculation of hacking, but there’s also speculation of IT failures.  So I’m going to sit tight until we hear what really happened.

grounded plane

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