After Party Aftermath

Thank you guys so much for coming out to the Google Hangout last night!

There was some good and bad.  The good was the conversation.  The bad was that some of you couldn’t get in.

I’m really sorry for those who couldn’t get in.  The good news is, I think I’ve figured out what the problem was for next time.  (There can only be so many people actively on cam at a time, but anyone can join and chat with us).  Next time I’ll post detailed instructions.

We touched on topics such as, playing video games that take place in real cities you’ve explored. drinking on a plane, business travel, worst travel stories, plus what people would like to see on the blog.

Next time, I’ll have some more structured conversation points going in!

You can still join the party, just a little late.

Check it out here:


Also, there was an “after party” of people hanging out afterwards together and just chatting.  Where we discovered one of the participants was going to make an Old Fashioned, but he accidentally ate the orange.

Old Fashion

I also promise to get better at these things! Great seeing you guys and I’ll announce the next one.

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