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JetBlue to Charge for Checked Bags; Less Legroom

The darling of anti-fee flyers may not be their darling for too much longer.

JetBlue is now “unbundling” checked bags and offering different price levels depending on the amount of baggage you are bringing.

From the Consumerist:

One of the last remaining airlines holding out against fees for checked bags has fallen prey to the siren song of money: JetBlue, which had persisted in offering a complimentary checked bag even as other airlines tacked fees on, announced three new “bundled” fare options for fliers, with the cheapest fare now requiring an extra fee to check a bag. That, and it’s stuffing more seats into plane cabins, which means less legroom for you.

Of course, their actual press release describes these as enhancements.  They appreciate  the ability to convenience you.

It does look like only the A320s will have a reduction in legroom.  The A321s were already released with this reduction.

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  1. It’s hardly an “unbundling.” Now Jetblue is like every other crappy airline. And their prices are outrageous for a so-called “discount airline.”

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