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Forgetting Things After Traveling Lots

I’ll be honest.  I forgot how to work my shower after a three-week stretch of travel in April.

That’s why this comic, Itchy Feet, made me chortle:

Refresher Class

What I liked about this comic strip is I think it fully appreciates travel in the crazy miles and points fashion–just flying somewhere and then flying somewhere else.

This one is about time travel but I’ve definitely hit this point with regular travel!

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  1. Certainly how I feel after a day of travel involving a redeye.

  2. Once this American landed in Paris after an overnight flight turned away a French survey taker in Chinese.

  3. This is hilarious! I was like this after all my extended study abroad trips, in addition to saying all the common everyday phrases (thank you, good morning, excuse me) in the foreign languages.

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