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Craziness Dealing with the TSA

The TSA is a huge part of any frequent traveler’s life.  Yesterday, I wrote about how I had to argue with an agent that I was arriving on the correct day for my midnight flight.

In the Google Hangout Launch Party, once we went “off-the-record,” we talked a little bit about what you can and can’t take through TSA, and how inconsistent enforcement can be.

Which led into some of my crazier experiences with TSA:

One trip, a TSA agent almost made me remove my bra (because he did not understand what underwire is).

My friend had all her underwear stolen after her bag was searched.

They showed my underwear plus more to some businessmen.  And that trip in particular, I was visiting my boyfriend…. so….

And they’ve insisted that the shoes on my feel are inherently more dangerous than the shoes in my carry-on.

But in the interest of being fair, here are some of the “good” experiences I’ve had with TSA agents.  Which still were not… fun.

What’s your TSA story?


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