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Man Charged After Flying Drone in Flight Path of Aircraft

I’ve noted before that drones are causing interesting aviation issues.  For example, a low-flying drone in Vegas violated FAA regulations. And the FAA’s new $5,000,000,000 system did not account for drones as an aircraft type. But this is a case in which drones can actually be dangerous. According to the …

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FAA Forgets About Entire Aircraft Type in New $5 Billion System

Despite apparently being reminded multiple times that something called “drones” exists, the FAA forgot to include them–at all–in their new $5 billion system. From Gizmodo: We didn’t understand the magnitude to which (drones) would be an oncoming tidal wave, something that must be dealt with, and quickly,” said Ed Bolton, …

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Kindle DX on Sale Through Tomorrow

Just a quick note that the Kindle DX is discounted down to $169 from $239 through tomorrow. I apologize for the brevity. I’m on an iPad on a plane and my laptop kicked the bucket! (If anyone sees any good deals on laptops…) Also, I cannot figure out urls in …

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