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December, 2018

  • 5 December

    Spirit Airlines Dramatically Drops Price of Checked Bags and Carry-ons Purchased at Gate

    The key to flying Spirit Airlines has always been understanding the baggage fees. In fact, we’ve had a post titled, “The Number One Thing You Need to Know When Flying Spirit. ” We cheated and listed three things. Spoiler, they were all “Baggage fees.” (For a complete guide to flying …

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  • 4 December

    The Complete Guide to Flying Spirit Airlines

    Spirit Airlines is a low-cost carrier that can cost you a lot if you don’t avoid the fees.  Read this guide to make sure you avoid paying more than you have to when flying Spirit Airlines, and make sure you know all your rights with these Spirit Airline tips and …

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  • 4 December

    75% off the Echo Look ($150 savings)

    If you’ve been considering the Echo Look, it’s currently 75% off on Amazon–marked down to $50. The Echo Look is a very specific product (not to be confused with the Echo Show).  It’s basically a selfie-fashion camera with Echo’s audio features built in.  It takes full-length photos or videos of …

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  • 3 December

    Fly West Coast to London for Only $443 on United

    A great deal has appeared!  You can fly to London, England from San Francisco, CA for only $443 on United if you don’t mind Basic Economy.  If you prefer Regular Economy, the fare jumps almost by $200 up to $623. United’s Basic Economy isn’t terrible.  According to the Flight Deal: …

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  • 3 December

    Huge Sale on Gaming on Amazon Today: Builds, Accessories, Video Games, Board Games, Gear

    Amazon is doing a 12 days of Christmas sale and today is completely dedicated to gaming.  Back in the day, I couldn’t imagine an entire sale this big dedicated to gaming, but thanks to the rise of e-sports and streaming, being a geek is super popular these days.  (See mom!  …

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  • 2 December

    Get Four Free Video Games with Amazon Prime! (Limited Time to Redeem)

    Amazon is giving out four free video games to anyone who connects their Twitch account (free) to their Amazon Prime account.  New games will be released each month.  *Yes, if your Twitch account is already connected, you can get these video games. Twitch is a streaming service that was acquired …

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November, 2018

  • 1 November

    The Next DC-area Meetup — Toys for Tots Edition!

    Our next DC-area meet-up will be in Clarendon, VA on December 10th from 6-9 pm.  We’ll be teaming up with Tagging Miles to run a Toys for Tots happy hour. Register for the happy hour here. Come by to talk travel AND help some children have a brighter holiday. Ed from Pizza in …

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July, 2018

  • 18 July

    Broken Age Game for Free w/ Amazon Prime (value $20) plus others

    Amazon currently has the DoubleFine video game Broken Age (currently $20 on Steam) for free for any Prime member.  All you need to do to redeem it is connect a Twitch account (free) to your Amazon Prime account.  In addition, other free titles are available.   You may attach up to four Twitch …

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  • 17 July

    The Best Neck Pillow is on Sale

    This deal is over. There are a lot of “deals” on Prime Day right now that are barely deals, but my favorite neck pillow just popped up at pretty decent discount. Here is my favorite neck pillow.  It’s not very pillow-y, per say, but it has a built-in shelf thingy …

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  • 16 July

    Get Free Video Games with Amazon Prime (Limited Time to Redeem)

    Amazon is giving out one free video game per day to anyone who connects their Twitch account (free) to their Amazon Prime account.  A new game is released each day, but you can redeem the games for the days you missed for a limited amount of time.  *Yes, if your …

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