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This App Will Automatically Track Your Travels For You

a laptop and phone with a map on the screen

I used to track my travels on FourSquare and lamented the changes that basically made it useless. But there’s a new app out there called Polarsteps that will automatically track your travel routes–even without internet or GPS access.   It’ll connect your travel to your photos and build out a …

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Geek Priest’s Analysis of the Star Wars Trailer

a large metal structure with grids

Earlier, I posted a video of a priest reacting to seeing the Star Wars trailer for the first time. He also posted a video (after he watched the trailer “a hundred times) dissecting the trailer, the meaning, and hidden messages. He actually did a pretty darn good job.  (I feel …

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Will Flights Eventually Travel at Star Trek Speeds?

a man holding a cat

It appears NASA may have accidentally created a Warp Field. NASA was working on a high-tech thruster and when they sent some beams through, some traveled faster than the speed of light. This specific type of device uses a magnetic field to create the thrust. According to Mysterious Universe, the results of …

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Amtrak Wifi Even Worse Than I Thought

a sign with white text and numbers

Amtrak Wifi is pretty horrific.  In fact, I usually switch to tethering off my iPad’s 4G rather than use it because I’ve found it pretty slow. I guess I’ve gotten so used to switching to 4G that I haven’t realized just how slow it can get. I loved that Amtrak had …

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Foursquare to Bring Back Gamification to Platform

a logo of a plane and wifi symbol

Foursquare’s Swarm was the greatest thing to happen to Yelp. Foursquare was an app that would track where you were going via check-ins, let you create lists of places you would like to go to, and see where your friends have been. It would unlock badges, including my infamous “Mile …

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