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The Most Bad-Ass Airline Safety Officers Ever

Would it make you safer to know that your in-flight safety officer can break plates with her bare-hands, handle a weapon, and subdue and escort an unruly passenger off the plane?

These are some of the requirements for women at Chengdu East Star Airlines Travel College.

According to Rocket News, this school:

…requires a mix of training for their safety officers to be, including hand-to-hand combat, military martial arts, and survival training. Once on the job, these officers sometimes take on the role of gracious and welcoming flight attendant, but you can bet that in the event of an unruly passenger on board, they’ll jump into action without a moment’s hesitation. It’s no wonder that they’ve been collectively nicknamed the “Iron Women!”

ECNS has a lot of great photos of the future safety officers going through training.

These aren’t the only capable people in the sky.

JetBlue likes to hire first-responders as flight attendants.

It’s a second career that makes sense.  The quick-thinking skills can really come in handy.  Plus, I would trust both of these–the Chengdu East Star Airlines Travel College graduates and the first responders–to really help in the case of an emergency.

 Hat tip to Kevin @ Economy Class & Beyond for sending this to me!

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