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The 11 Travel Startup Websites You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Airport_Travel_and_Related_001Mashable has a great, well, mash-up of the eleven start up travel websites you should know about.

The list acknowledges Hipmunk and Tripit as old hat, so these really are brand new start ups.

My favorites?

Once you’ve booked a flight and scored hotel deals, how do you figure out what to do when you get to your destination? Sites like TripAdvisor and other forums are full of clutter and can be outdated. Ruzwana Bashir is revolutionizing travel planning with Peek.com (see her own San Francisco itinerary here) , which is part travel agent, part tour guide. Peek curates high-quality activities, displays them in a visually beautifully interface and makes them easily bookable on whatever device you’re using.


When you’re planning a trip and trying to stick to a budget, there’s no worse feeling than finding out the hotel you booked for $220 a night is now running for $180 a night. Tingo, which lets you book most of the hotels found on established travel sites (it’s a TripAdvisor company), will automatically rebook your room at the lower rate and give you a refund if the price drops.

Are you interested in trying out any of the start ups on the list?


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  1. I really like the idea behind Zaptravel and Adioso, since I am always up for going somewhere but I sometimes don’t know where.

  2. Sounds like a fun–as well as cool–app. Will you let us, your loyal followers, know when the app is available for the iPhone? Thanks.

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