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This Will Be the World’s Shortest International Flight

I’ve written about the world’s shortest flight before.  The world’s shortest commercial flight is 47 seconds.  I’m guessing the chances of getting an inflight beverage on that route are low.

But that flight is from a location in Scotland to another location in Scotland.

What about the world’s shortest international flight?

It was a ten minute flight from Vienna to Bratislava.  But a route is going to best that time by two minutes.

Austrian airline People’s Viennaline is launching a new route in one month that will take passengers from St. Gallen to Friedrichshafen in eight minutes and cover just over 12 miles. The ultimate destination is Cologne, Germany.

cologne germany

From Fox News:

According to German news site BizTravel, the St. Gallen-Friedrichshafen route is being offered exclusively by Austrian airline People’s Viennaline and will start taking passengers across the pond—literally—Oct. 31.

According to the same article, flights will be $45.

I’ve often taken a decently short flight from DC to Philly–just under 120 miles.  Of course, it doesn’t feel that short when the aircraft is a Dash 8.

This flight is 1/10th the distance.  Crazy!

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